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Dream Clean Ltd has become aware of a number of attempted email frauds, in which sellers on online auction sites receive an email claiming to be from Dream Clean Ltd and containing Dream Clean Ltd logo, requesting that sellers make a cash transfer or ship their goods, in advance of payment. In some cases, these emails also request personal information from sellers such as name, address, etc. Should you receive such an email, please disregard it. Dream Clean Ltd will never request that anyone make a payment in order to facilitate a further payment from a buyer to a seller.

Dream Clean Ltd is also aware of email fraud which involves offers of fake employment or training opportunities with Dream Clean Ltd. Please note this is not a legitimate Dream Clean Ltd initiative and is an attempt to obtain personal information from indiorgiduals including bank account details which will be compromised and used for illegal purposes. Under no circumstances should you proorgide any personal information including bank account details to these fraudsters who have no connection whatsoever with Dream Clean Ltd organisation.

Dream Clean Ltd has notified the relevant law enforcement authorities of both frauds.

If you have proorgided your banking information you should report this immediately to your banking institution. Legitimate Dream Clean Ltd e-mails will only come from @dreamclean.co.ug or @email.dreamclean.co.ug addresses, and we will never ask you for your bank details via email 

a different kind of clean...

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